The Out of the Box Digital Signage Solution

Why Choose Go Live Digital?

Go Live Digital offers complete out of the box digital media solutions. From digital menu boards, digital information displays or interactive kiosk touch-screens. Starting from conceptualization and display strategies to full network implementation and monitoring Go Live Digital works closely with clients to activate a digital signage system that is effective, engaging and revenue generating.

Go Live Digital offers considerable benefits over other digital signage solution providers, the key benefits for choosing Go Live Digital are:

Content is King! Regardless of the screens, media players or software used, it is the content that counts. The content is what makes your digital signage a success and its what your customer sees. Go Live Digital provides custom full-motion animated content.

“Out of the Box” Thinking

Go Live Digital continues to push technological boundaries to develop robust innovative solutions.

No Upfront Costs

Our systems are built in the Cloud so that there is no need to install and maintain expensive servers to run you digital signage network.

Scalable From 1 Player to 1,000s

Our platform has been developed to make it as easy to run a single player to many thousands, so you can scale your digital signage network as you require.

Use Go Live Digital’s Hardware Or Your Own

Go Live Digital recommends and provides suitable hardware based on the application. If you would rather use your existing Windows PCs or wish to migrate to Go Live Digital’s solutions from one of our competitors without having to buy new hardware, no problem we can support them too.

Powerful But Easy To Use

Go Live Digital’s solution is really intuitive and simple to use and does not require a degree in Computer Science to manage your network. Our customers are up and running in minutes with little or no help. We support an extensive range of media content including live feeds from sources including EPoS systems, Weather and Twitter.

Manage Your Network From Anywhere

Using a standard web-browser you can log in to your digital signage network from anywhere in the world and mange your content and players.

Simple Installation And Maintenance

Our media players only need a standard fixed or mobile Internet connection to get up and running, plus all your content is backed up and restored just in case hardware fails.

Both HQ And Local Control

Go Live Digital enables content from Head Office to be interspersed with content updated at each site location to create dynamic and targeted media. All access to our platform is monitored and recorded enabling usage to be audited as required.

Free Software Updates

Our platform is updated several times a year and all of our customers automatically receive the latest new features at no extra cost.

Not Just For PCs

Go Live Digital supports the latest range of non-PC digital signage hardware offering tremendous price/performance from a simple networked DVD player to a 10” digital photo frame.

Not Just For Digital Signage

With support for more hardware and operating systems than any other digital signage software platform, Go Live Digital can deliver media to mobile devices, tablets, kiosks, screensavers and of course, digital signage all from a single login.

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