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Reception Feature Displays

Digital signage networks installed in salon environments offer many benefits for consumers that include entertainment, education, and promotional messages, and the systems can serve as a consultation tool. The systems also offer salon staff the opportunity for training and education.

With the Go Live Digital System salons have an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and distinguish themselves as cutting edge and upscale. Go Live Digital creates the content for the salons and it works. For example, one nail salon owner in Manhattan uses GO LIve Digital to advertise their loyalty program. Their customers see the spot on the in store displays and they sign up for the loyalty card that accrues points for every dollar they spend. They can then redeem the points for free services. The salon tells us that the Go Live Digital system has been more successful than anything else they have done to sign up patrons for the loyalty program. Others advertise salon products, specials, events and various promotions.

According to clients of Go Live Digital...

"We've definitely seen increased product and service sales with regard to promotions and we're able to promote a lot of new products.”

“The Go Live Digital system allows us to showcase our products on the screens that in turn open up a conversation with the client regarding products we are promoting.”

Salon owners recognize the need to provide entertainment within their stores. Digital signage networks answer this need. The networks have the added advantage of attracting additional foot traffic into stores, which can increase the bottom line.

Go Live Digital’s content programming is a mixture of high-definition video, pictures, and dynamic text content consisting of short entertainment features, movie previews, lifestyle segments, and reviews, covering an extensive range of topics from fashion and celebrity gossip to health, beauty, and travel.

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