The Out of the Box Digital Signage Solution

POS Displays

Digital signage software is now fully integrated into Kodak digital frames! These are self contained frames managed by our server and are the perfect size to generate interest at point of purchase displays. Direct your message clearly and innovatively with images and animated movies. We create custom content based on your brand and objectives to reach your customers.

retail signage

The ability for retail stores to promote and up sell their products is now even easier with the Go Live Digital system. Gone are the days of creating chalk board and window posters which do not appear modern and can also be very expensive.

There is now a system available which allow store owners to create their advertisements, pricing menu or special offer promotions from a library of high quality templates and then publish this content to the screen in their stores. Point-of-sale signage allows the customer to browse you products and services while they are waiting to be attended or while receiving treatments. This captive audience time is a perfect opportunity to engage with your customers, educate them on product usage and generate additional revenue.

The ability to create your advertisements in a few seconds and not relay on external design costs or costly printing is the key factor when deploying a digital signage solution. What is needed in this situation is a template based digital signage system with low cost ongoing fees. That system Go Live Digital.

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