The Out of the Box Digital Signage Solution

Go Live Digital highly recommends that the display is installed by a professional.
Improper installation may cause damage or serious injury.

If you prefer to install the display yourself we have included
detailed directions to assist you.

Installing the Go Live Digital Model GOVDSW-32

Tools you will need:
• Phillips Screwdriver
• Cordless or Corded Drill
• 1/2” drill bit (for drywall installation)
• 1/4” masonry drill bit (for masonry type wall installation)
• Level
• Pencil
• About an hour of time
1) Determining a Location for Your Digital Display
Ideally, you will want to mount your digital display on a wall at eye level. Keep in mind that you will need to plug the display into a wall outlet for operation. You may also want to have an electrician install a recessed power outlet directly behind the display location. This will make for a very clean “cord free” installation. Don't route the power cable through your wall — it is not rated for safe in-wall installation. If you want to keep the power cable hidden, you'll need to hire an electrician to install a recessed power outlet on the wall behind your display. The outlet will need to be centered within the mounting location of the displaymounting plate.
2) Prepairing Your Display For Installation
Attached to the back of your display is the wall mounting plate. You will need to remove the mounting plate from the display. To remove the mounting plate open the side access door with the keys provided. You will find a small retaining screw at the top portion of the access panel by the red RESET button.
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Loosen the retaining screw and lift the mounting plate up and away from the back of the display. Take note on how the wall mounting plate attaches to the back of the display and how the retaining screw secures it in place. This will be how the display hangs on the mounting plate once you have installed the plate on the wall. Now you are ready to mount the plate to your wall.
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