The Out of the Box Digital Signage Solution

Nutritional Information Touchscreens

With recent legislation regarding disclosure of informational information and society’s shift toward healthy eating, providing calorie and other nutritional facts has become an important part of the dining industry’s philosophy. Go Live Digital has developed an out of the box solution, including proprietary software, graphics, hardware and the kiosk body. The kiosk is programmed to work directly with your digital signage system; however, it can also work as a stand-alone unit.

Adding nutritional facts to your menu boards can overwhelm customers and crowd your menu board. With a free standing kiosk, you can inform guests, creating an interactive experience.Supply customers with the information they need in an engaging manner. Use your images, logo and messaging to emphasize your brand. We custom fabricate kiosks to your specifications and can design the body of the kiosk with aesthetic appeal, including graphic wraps. With our technology, you can easily update or amend information.

Our Nutritional Information Kiosk allows diners to:

  • View calories, fat grams, carbohydrates, protein and other nutritional facts.

  • Select multiple items and create a sum of nutritional facts for the entire meal.

  • View prices for menu items Search for specific food groups (i.e. vegetarian fare)


  • Reduce staff numbers Update content quickly and easily

  • Low maintenance

  • Engage customers

  • Customers get the information they want with no inconvenience

  • Reduce lines/wait time

  • Incres throughput

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