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Menu Board Arrays

Our Digital Menu Boards utilize the Go Live Digital media players which are located within the back area of each of the displays.The system has the capability to manage and change menu board and information display content remotely through a secured web interface via any conventional desktop computer. The restaurant has full control over the menu board screen content. Go Live Digital performs all technical support with the ability to assist in content delivery as well as any additional technical issues. The owner supplied network architecture requires a connection to the facility’s network infrastructure or a dedicated outside network connection via hardwired cat 5/6. A simple unloaded DSL line is acceptable for this connection. Wireless options are also available.

System Content Delivery and Scheduling:

The Digital Menu Board System content software enables the upload, scheduling, delivery and reporting of digital media content over any internet connection. It is possible to distribute and manage any menu board display from one web-browser, anywhere in the world. Unlike other digital signage software solutions ours requires absolutely no server software, server hardware, complex installation or commissioning, so there is no need for special technical skills in order to deploy media to the Menu Boards and Information Display System. The Menu Board display content can be designed in various ways to accommodate many types of information. Screen sectoring can display live time and date weather feeds as well as RSS feeds (tickers) from various subscription services. The software component is easily expandable to address any type of information delivery need that may arise within a facility.

System Operation:

The Digital Menu Board System image content can be managed from within the facility by foodservice staff, from outside the facility by foodservice staff, or remotely by Go Live Digital.The system also has the capability to push and pull content and verification logs through a remote location over conventional Internet protocol web interface if desired. Go Live Digital offers training of staff to use the Content Management and Scheduling Software and perform on-site and web based demonstrations of implementation and scheduling of content to the displays.

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