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Digital Menu Board Displays

A quick service restaurant with digital signage can create a modern, high-tech environment and increase the service quality. Digital signage can display products at special prices and promote and feature new products via multimedia and video at minimum cost. The feature of digital signage is very useful and effective for promoting fast foods.

When a customer walks in to a quick service restaurant, he or she may not decide what to order yet, and the service pace of quick service restaurant is fast. Which means a customer only has few minutes to determine what to order and if he/she failed to decide on his/her turn, the counter will be hold and increase the waiting time of other customers. When this situation happens, the service quality and customer satisfaction of the quick service restaurant will be decreased. The application of digital signage will minimize this situation, it is because the digital signage can de deployed in front of the store and display promotion menu to attract walk by passengers and suggest walk in customers. If the customer does not want to have promotion menu, they can watch the digital signage above the counter showing the rest of the menu in full motion video.

Another advantage of digital signage is the content can be updated at any moment; the store owner can promote the products more quickly and efficiently. And for chain stores, the new content can be display in all stores at the same time via network. Meanwhile, store owner can deliver the internal notices to the staff before and after open hours. With the real time promotions and well trained crew via digital signage, the satisfaction of customers will be raised for sure. These advantages are impossible to do without digital signage application.

For the quick service restaurant digital signage solution, Go Live Digital provides an easily updatable media player for digital signage that is easy to update, solid and rapidly maintained wall mounting solution and cost efficient. You can also select Go Live Digital’s touch application with touch screen display to setting up interactive signage with self-service query and ordering features. Additionally, Go Live Digital also provides the software including Signagelive for regular content playback, and touchscreen software for interactive content. And for multiple digital signage deployment, Go Live Digital’s hardware and software all provide remote management functions to supply you the most flexible applications. Go Live Digital is not only delivering hardware and software, but also supporting installation, LAN deployment, and content creation services to offering you the one-stop, out of the box shopping service of in-store digital signage application.

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