The Out of the Box Digital Signage Solution

Custom Kiosks & Enclosures

By designing the concept of your self-service kiosk system from the ground up, you can reinforce your brand through the very look and feel of the unit. The designers and engineers at Go Live Digital work as a team in order to create the very best possible solution for you. Our engineers work in AutoCad, and can implement cutting edge functionality into a system that remains modular and visually appealing.

With our customizing option, you can add more features while still remaining budget friendly. You are only limited by your imagination! The custom kiosk is multi-media capable and can be tooled to both indoor and outdoor use.

If you are looking for a self-service system that exemplifies your brand through function and design, creating a custom kiosk is your answer.



• Credit Card Readers • Bill Acceptors • Pin Pads • RFID


• Input Devices • Keyboards • Trackballs • Touchscreens


• 15” - 60” Monitors • Dual Screens • Privacy Filters


• Communications • Wi-Fi • Webcam • Telephone


• Thermal Printers • Laser Printers • Ink Jet Printers


• Paint • Graphics • Lighting • Materials • Form Factors


• data capture • barcode scanners • fingerprint readers

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